Böshorn / Rauthorn

  • Ascent: 1461 hm
  • Descent: 1461 hm
  • Ski Tour
  • Distance: 4.9 km
  • Duration: 4:45 h
  • Difficult

Image: View to the Summit of the Böshorn / Rauthorn © gifx, Gulliver.it

Ski tour to the Böshorn / Rauthorn

Ski Tour

Tour description


Engeloch – Ascend from Engeloch in Ritzibach valley to the flat area Wysse Bode. A steep slope leads toward the south under the rock bands. Cross these via the ramp east of the waterfall which leads from the left up to the right. Then turn left towards the western Sirwoltesee past a first rock band. Ascend in western direction exposed on a band until you reach a snow saddle which you then traverse. Then turn south and upwards the steep slopes, doing so keep left. Keep southeast when crossing the stretched hollow then cross the steeper northeastern slope and ascend towards the east ridge of the Böshornch. Ski depot at approx. 3’200 m at the foot of the rock. Climb over the exposed ridge to the summit.


Engeloch – The descent is via the ascent route. This may vary depending on the risk assessment.

Egga – Ascend from the Sirwoltesee at the foot of the northern flank towards east onto a saddle (approx. 2’600 m) between Schilthorns and Wyssbodehorn (2’623 m). Over the pass and in eastern direction in the beautiful hollow Wysse Bode plunge into the depth and ski to the end of the hollow. Then turn right and cross over the ridge to ski south to Rossbodestafel. In the lightly wooded ground you will reach the Simplonstrasse at Egga.


The QR-Code is located on the summit of the Rauthorn / Böshorn, left of the summit cross. If you would not like to climb to the peak, send us a picture as proof – we will unlock the tour for you.