• Ascent: 1330 hm
  • Descent: 1330 hm
  • Ski Tour
  • Distance: 8 km
  • Duration: 4:30 h
  • Difficult

Image: Summit of the Camoscellahorn © Simplon Tourismus / Cornelia Zürrer

Ski tour to the Camoscellahorn

Ski Tour



Zwischbergen, Sera –  Cross the river Grosses Wasser at the end of the dam. Follow the summer path markings over the Härd to the Flurstrasse (corridor road) and follow it to the brook Karpänz. The easier option leads along the left bank of the river down the valley to a bridge and then along the Flurstrasse to Härd. From there either on the street or over the meadows, ascend past the huts of Cagranda to the power mast in Curtett and into the light forrest. Via the soutwest ridge you will reach the summit of the Camoscellahorn / Pizzo Pioltone easily.


Zwischbergen, Sera – The descent is via the ascent route. This may vary depending on the risk assessment.

San Lorenzo, Italien – Recommended is also the descent over the south ridge of the Camoscellahorn to reach a point slightly above the Passo di Monscera. From there continue southeast over the Alpe Monscera (1’978 m) and continue – following the high-voltage line – to San Bernardo and on the street to San Lorenzo.


The QR-Code is located at the stone tower on the summit of the Camoscellahorn.