• Ascent: 1004 hm
  • Descent: 1004 hm
  • Ski Tour
  • Distance: 4.5 km
  • Duration: 4:00 h
  • Intermediate

Image: View to the Galehorn © Brig Simplon Tourismus / Silvio Burgener

Ski tour to the Galehorn

Ski Tour

Tour description


Engeloch – From the Engeloch go west over the Chrummbachbrücke bridge in Chluismatta and ascend over the alpine table and into the following slope on the left bank of the Ritzibach and up over the Wysse Bode (2’113 m). Cross the slope at the end of the Wysse Bode over the ramp east (left) of the waterfall. Cross the Ritzibach above the rock bold and ascend towards Sirwoltesattel (2’621 m) in the small hollow. To reach the summit, go north.

Simplonpass – The Galehorn can also be reached from the Simplonpass via Hopsche on the route Spitzhorli. Leave that route at 2’180 m and cross the slope and the Bistinenpass-valley below the Straffelgrat. Continue at the foot of the northern flank of the Galehorn to the Magelicke. The final ascent goes over the Nanztal-site.


Engeloch – The descent is via the ascent route. This may vary depending on the risk assessment. If the conditions are good and safe a fast and steep descent through the Ritzitälli.

Simplonpass – The descent is via the ascent route. This may vary depending on the risk assessment. If conditions are good and safe an alternative descent route through the Bielti is possible. This will require a last ascent (30 minutes) up to the Simplonpass.

Egga – Ski back to the Sirwoltesee on the ascent route. Then another ascent of 1-1.30h back to the Sattel on the right handside of the Wyssbodehorn at about 2’600 m. This effort is rewarded with a long, beautiful descent to 1’500 m. Cross the hollow in front of the Wyssbodehorn until the rock face of the Schildhorn allows a traverse to the Rossbodenalp. From there a fast descent on the right over the Furghalta and Stosbodu down to the alpine huts on the Rossbodestafel. In the lightly wooded ground stay on the left side of the Senggibach and follow it to the hamlet Egga where you reach the Simplonstrasse at 1’588 m.


The QR-Code is located at the mast on the Galehorn Simplon.