• Ascent: 1334 hm
  • Descent: 1334 hm
  • Ski Tour
  • Distance: 4.8 km
  • Duration: 4:00 h
  • Intermediate

Image: Summit Cross Schilthorn, Simplon © Simplon Tourismus / Urs Zenklusen

Ski tour to the Schilthorn

Ski Tour

Tour description


Simplon Dorf – The start of the tour is in Simplon Dorf or Egga. From Simplon Dorf ascend in southwestern direction towards the Chatzustafel and continue to the Rossbodestafel. Then the tour goes on to Stosbode and immediately up towards Schilte until the summit ridge is reached. Following the ridge, go north to the summit of the Schilhorn. You overlook not only the Simplonpass and it’s mountains but also the buildings Alte Spittel, Barralhaus and Hospiz.


Simplon Dorf – The descent is via the ascent route. This may vary depending on the risk assessment.

The long descent over the southeast slopes is often less frequently skied down than the descent to Chlusmatte.


The QR-Code is located at the summit cross.